Last One to the Laser Show / Celestine Ocean


This short film is from a series of films I am currently working on titled "The Last One to the Laser Show", a nonlinear narrative exploring self identity and my role in society as a woman. The “Laser Show” is a fictional place created by society where women go to conform to society's expectations of them. Going through this world as a woman, I feel I have always been the last one to the show and for a long time that made me feel out of place and not a real “woman”. I’m exploring that feeling within this series of films to understand why I feel I need to conform to these trivial expectations of my gender. I feel gender roles are not an obligation but rather a choice and through self studies I hope to inspire that thinking in all women.

Proudly shown in the 2nd annual Les Femmes International Film Festival

BRAND X / Celestine Ocean


My goal with my film “Brand X” is to point out the issues of inequity and double standards that still exist within our media and our society. By using innuendos, irony, humor and footage and audio manipulation, I address the issue of the male gaze but strive to give back the power to women to be viewed as they want to be viewed.

Girl In Box / Celestine Ocean


What Happens When You Put a Girl in a Box?

Written, filmed, edited, styled by Celestine Ocean

Audio created by mashing together bits & pieces of 60's/70's documentaries


Rachael Benson as "Girl"

Untitled (about women*) / Celestine Ocean


This film piece is a satire on the american ideals and expectations placed on women. By using irony I want to create a piece that mimics the messages the media puts out regarding what a woman should be and by using vintage aesthetics and archival media I want to show the history that it dates back further than my generation and that we are still putting out the same messages to women 50 years later just with newer technology.
My work around the issue of gender often has a ironic, humorous tone when it comes to feminist issues as I am not sticking my finger at anyone but rather pointing out that what is consumed by the us daily is degrading to femme people. The media is a powerful machine and I hope to inspire others to have a more critical eye when consuming popular media to critique how gender is represented.

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